Answering all the feedback received.
We want to give you some tips that companies are using to manage all the feedback they receive.

Distribute the work
If you are several people in the team, you can create some system for giving feedback, for example:
  • By time.
    Each period, one person is in charge of responding to the feedback.

  • By theme.
    Each person is in charge of x topics, so if feedback related to work-life balance arrives, the same person always answers it.

  • By level of relevance.
    Critical feedback is always answered by the same person, minor feedback by another person.
Adjust expectations
If you can't deal with everything, prioritize the feedback to be answered and then give it out in order.
It is important to let people know you don't have the ability to respond to all of them every day and that you will do it little by little. With this simple message, people will not stop participating and you will be able to respond without stress and meditating on the answer.

Use the appropriate channel
If feedback is very sensitive, perhaps Nailted is not the best way, then it may be a good time to propose to the person to try to deal with their comment in a 1:1 meeting.

Identify the feedback
Because of the way people write, because you have many of the same responses in a short period of time, or simply because you may already know your team, there may be situations where you have several negative messages from the same person.
If you have clearly identified this case, perhaps you can urge that person to a meeting to discuss all these issues. In this way, you may both save time and come to an understanding more quickly.

Create several templates
This is not the ideal solution, but we understand that there are certain occasions when we can create sets of "template" responses to answer only very repetitive queries.

Be careful how many times you use the templates, because if you overuse them, people may think that there is no one handling the feedback that they have bothered to write.

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