How can I set goals for each person?

Nailted's way of managing goals is at the manager level.

First, you must assign managers to your team members. This is done in the team section only once at the beginning of using your account or when new employees join your company.

Tip: You can test the Goals feature by assigning yourself as the manager of someone from your team.

Next, you can go to "My space"  

There, go to “Goals” and click on the “Add New Goal” button which lets you assign objectives to different people. These objectives will be visible from "My Space" to you and to the person they are assigned to.

Additionally, if you create a 1:1 meeting with that person, you will be able to see these goals and comment on them from the meeting itself.

Finally, you can create and manage goals directly from your 1:1 as it is ongoing. When you create an action item, you can either assign it to an existing goal or create a new goal from that action item.

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Nailted – Knowledge Base | 2022