Getting managers to hold 1:1 meetings
We want to give you some tips to help you get company managers to hold their 1:1 meetings.

Do you know why they don't?
Try to find out why they don't do it, it's the first step to know how to act. Send a feedback request to the group of managers asking them what is the main problem for not doing the 1:1 at Nailted.

Give them resources to run their 1:1 meetings.

Give them the qualitative feedback you collect about managers.
You can sit down with each manager and give them the qualitative/quantitative feedback that people report on their work as a manager. This will motivate them to perform 1:1's to improve their people management work.

Give them admin access.
In this way, they will have valuable information about their team to use in the 1:1s, which will undoubtedly motivate them to perform them.

Do you do 1:1s outside of Nailted?
Show them the benefits of doing 1:1's on Nailted:
  • You have a single place with all the 1:1 history neatly organized.
  • You don't forget them, synchronized with google calendar and have reminders prior to the 1:1 for both parties to prepare.
  • Before the meeting we send you the agenda items, you can prepare it in advance and encourage the participation of both parties.
  • The meeting has a structure that goes through the important points to touch on in a meeting.
  • We suggest questions to ask, whether you are a manager or a team member.
  • Integrated with professional development goals to help team members improve.
  • How 1:1 works? 

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