Will people participate?

Participation is essential to the successful use of Nailted in an organization and it is usually not clear whether or not people will want to take part in the platform and its features. However, there are many reasons why people inherently want to participate in Nailted which stem from the fact that they are part of something which they want to make better.

There is a pattern that unites companies with high participation, which is that they follow up with their people in Nailted. It's simple, if a person sends 5 feedback messages and nobody answers them, they will stop participating. But if someone answers, they will feel listened to, they will know that their feedback is useful, they will feel their participation mattered and therefore they will participate again. It is as simple as that!

These reasons strongly motivate people to participate:

  • Wanting to be heard and having a voice that has an impact on the big picture of the company.

  • Wanting to participate in activities and not feeling left out or forgotten about.

  • Being recognized by their peers and by the company.

  • Feeling that their company cares for them and their wellbeing.

During the first days of use, participation in Nailted is relatively high for both surveys and claps. These features can propagate quickly throughout the company and have a snowball effect. The first people who receive claps will in turn send them to more colleagues who will in turn pass them forward to more people, spreading the use of claps somewhat quickly and fermenting a certain level of participation right from the start.

Managers are also key to boosting participation and motivation, as they can directly promote the benefits that Nailted can bring to their employees and to the company through 1:1s with their teams. 

A simple and very practical habit that encourages participation is for managers to give recurring claps or feedback to the people they manage, thereby including other people in the loop and fostering a culture of feedback.

You can find more information and different ways to improve participation here.

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