Tips to improve participation in Claps
Claps are a vital part of Nailted and they help boost participation in other parts of the app. Here is a tip to help you increase your teams' participation and use of claps:

Encourage the use of Claps

Recognition is a very important factor in participation because it boosts psychological safety, meaning your people will be more confident to speak up and give positive or negative feedback. Therefore you have to remind your team members of its importance to foster a positive culture of feedback. Find out more about why recognition is important here.

To improve participation in claps, your managers can push the use of claps in their team meetings and in 1:1s with their team members. They could also send claps themselves weekly, and make sure that everyone on their team has received claps at least once per month.

Claps are contagious, so when they get started they quickly snowball and improve overall participation in the app.

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Nailted – Knowledge Base | 2022