How do claps work?
In Nailted we have a guided and gamified process with the aim of establishing a continuous recognition loop.

On Fridays we give claps
You can submit your claps whenever you want, but it’s on Fridays when we notify people to devote some time to think about their colleagues and the positive things they’ve done during the week.
At this moment, the system collects all claps, but doesn’t send them.

On Mondays we receive claps
On Mondays, we boost people’s motivation by sending them a single message with all the claps their colleagues have sent them. At the same time, they can take this chance to express their gratitude and improve the relationship among them.

100 claps per week
We limit the number of claps we give per week to incite you to think who deserves them and for what purpose. In this way, each clap has more value. Only 400 claps can be accumulated at a time.

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