Encouraging the use of claps
We want to give you some tips on how you can encourage the use of claps within the company.

Lean on managers.
Convey to managers the importance of giving claps to all the people who work in their team. They can use the platform to see how they have distributed their claps in previous weeks and thus ensure that they give claps to everyone on their team.

Say thank you for the claps received.
When someone holds the subway door for us we thank them, don't we?
Thank your colleague for remembering you, for taking time to think exclusively about you and what you have done well.
Saying thank you is a positive reinforcement for the other person to continue giving claps.

Give recognition to teams that give claps.
You have information on the dashboard about whether or not people in a group have given claps. If you see that there is a group in which most of the people have given claps in the last 4 weeks, send them an email. 4 weeks, send them a private email telling them how well they are doing and how important their gesture is to their peers.
Reinforcing their behaviour is the best way to keep them doing it.

Remember the importance of giving claps.
Just as you can recognize when a group gives claps regularly, you can also remind groups that don't give claps how important it is to do so. Remember, this type of notification is always best done in private.
Here is an example for you to use directly.

"Hello XXX,
We know that the day-to-day eats us all because we always have many things to do.
And among these things, there is one that sadly from time to time we leave aside and that is to thank and recognize the work of our colleagues.

That's why I would like to remind you how important it is to dedicate 5 minutes on Fridays to give claps to your colleagues through Nailted. We all know how good you feel on Mondays when you receive claps and especially when they are authentic and personal.
So I encourage you this Friday to be the person who gives a few claps that make your partner's Monday special."

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