How do metrics work?
In Nailted, we offer over 40 real-time metrics thanks to the answers people give us in surveys or in those questions we slip in diverse feedback processes.

Regular surveys
In Nailted, we launch anonymous surveys to your people with an initial periodicity of 14 days and these have a margin until the next cycle to complete them.
The first survey is launched one day after a person registers.
If a user hasn’t completed a survey during the established period, we’ll send them reminders to complete it.

Surveys content
Each survey is composed of 10 questions and each of them belongs to a specific metric in Nailted. If a user hasn’t answered the eNPS question in the last 30 days, we’ll include it in a survey so you can get an answer.

Data and metrics
We work in real time, therefore, according to what your people are answering, you will be able to see quantitative and qualitative data in your administration dashboard.

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Nailted – Knowledge Base | 2022