Microsoft Teams Integration

When connecting Nailted with Microsoft Teams all the people will automatically receive all necessary messages in the Teams Chat screen.

However, the person will be able to select from his control panel the channel through which he wants to receive the notifications, being able to switch between email or Microsoft Teams at any time.

Steps to connect Microsoft Teams and Nailted: 

Step 1: Connect your Microsoft 365 account:

Go to Settings -> Integrations -> Connect Office 365

When clicking “Connect Office 365” you will be redirected to your Microsoft account, where you will need to give us permission to use employee data. 

At this point, it is very important that you select the same email that you are going

to be logged inside the Teams App because we will match that email with the one installing the bot. In case there is a mismatch we will not be able to finish the integration.

Once you connect your account you will see this screen: 

Step 2: Add the Nailted bot

Go to your Microsoft Teams and search for “Nailted” in the app store: 

Once it is installed correctly, you will receive the following notification explaining that your account is currently linked:

Also, in the admin panel, you will see that is already connected


When I install the Nailted Bot in Microsoft Teams it says I need to create an account. What is the problem?

Make sure the account you are logged in Microsoft Teams is the account you connect to in the Nailted integration page, if it is different you will see that message.

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